Mission and Vision


  • Hidden Botanics will serve its own unique floral styling products for customers by Cagla G. Cantimur’s unique and elegant designs  
  • High quality products with competitive prices 
  • Being actively involved in the community 
  • Hidden Botanics will use technology and social media to identify user habits, and target audiences 
  • Customers can select their own wedding themes and flowers for the arrangement so there will be special designs made by Mrs. Cantimur.

Hidden Botanics will listen customers story fully, understand their expectations to create perfect reflection of their identity at the final products of artificial floral styling with art and quality of materials. 


As a major part of an e-commerce business, Hidden Botanics will use its significant strategy for customer experience: 

  • Fast online customer service for answering customers’ questions and helping them 
  • Complete floral design products faster than given time 
  • Hidden Botanics will use a delivery service company which guarentees a quick delivery  that will please customers. 

For urgent buyers  Hidden Botanics will keep storage of finished wedding bouquet designs and sets on hidden botanics online shop which will address most of the customers needs and trends of the seasons. 

  • Will keep storage of main floral styling materials and decorations on hiddenbotanics.co.uk  

Hidden Botanics will have affordable floral styling products and services for every budget. 

With Floral Styling Workshops, Hidden Botanics will build tangible business connections with customers which will hopefully make them appreciate Hidden Botanics quality. 

By teaching customers the essentials of artificial & dried floral styling, Hidden Botanics will set apart itself from similar artificial floristry businesses. Cagla Gulsah Cantimur will teach artificial floral styling to groups while spreading the creative floral spirit of Hidden Botanics.



hiddenbotanics.co.uk 's vision is to become a recognised artificial floral styling brand in London then in the whole West North and other areas in the UK, and worldwide.

Hidden Botanics will be well known for its realistic artsy floral designs, efficient customer service and affordability with fast delivery options.