Products & Services Overview


Some of other Hidden Botanics’ Products are described below. 

  • Floral Design Accessories: collectively, flowers designed to be worn or carried; also known as body flowers. 
  • Boutonniere (old French-‘buttonhole’) a flower or cluster of flowers and/or foliage designed to be worn on the jacket 
  • Wrist corsage: a cluster of flowers to be worn on the wrist. 
  • Corsage: (old French, cors-‘body’) a decorative floral accessory typically worn on a woman’s garment. 
    Wristlet: a band or a strap with a device that is designed to secure a corsage which is then worn on the wrist. 
  • Chaplet: a wreath or garland for the head, usually constructed of silk flowers and foliage. 
  • Lei: a garland of flowers or foliage strung, bound or woven together to be worn around the neck or shoulders; of Polynesian origin. 
  • Composite flowers: a hand-tailored ‘flower’ created by reassembling detached petals or other plant parts. Silk floral materials are wired and/or glued together, forming a new flower. 
  • Floral jewelry: finely detailed fashion flowers created in the manner of select jewelry; Examples include floral necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings. 
  • Anklet: a narrow band of flowers designed to be worn around the ankle. 
    Bracelet: a narrow ornamental band or chain of flowers worn around the wrist. This design is often constructed using an inexpensive metal or plastic bracelet with flowers affixed or glued to it.

Pre-designed Products 


Side products 


ready to sell inspired by nature floral arrangements 


  • wedding flowers 
  • bridal bouquets 
  • corsages 
  • floral crowns  
  • floral hair combs 
  • buttonaires 
  • Wedding Sets (bundles) 
  • Terrariums 


  • Dried Flowers/design 
  • Floral Styling Materials  (lace ribbon, pearls, etc.) 
  • Floral Accessories designed 
  • Bouquet kits 
  • Cake topping flowers 


Wholesale Products 


Special Orders 


  • Artificial & Silk Flowers 


floral designs for special occasions /will be made specially with unique client story 


  • Wedding flowers 
  • Floral Event Installments 
  • Floral Accessories 
  • Cake topping flowers 





Workshops Overview 


Hidden Botanics will offer series of floral styling workshops (teaching content) meet-ups which teaches how to make particular bridal bouquet designs or holiday wreaths

Hidden Botanics Workshops’  Slogan : ‘’Create with your hands’’ 

Çağla Gülşah Cantimur, who is experienced with wide variety of artificial flowers and arrangements will lead the workshop by explaning how-to's about the particular floral arrangement while participants will be crafting their floral arrangements. After the workshop the designed product will belong to who made it.   includes refreshments and partipicants arrangement.